Why Your Air Conditioner Might Overheat

Why Your Air Conditioner Might Overheat

Air conditioning units are built to combat the extreme heat when the summer season strikes. But no matter how robust this device is, the unforgiving temperature can become extreme enough to make it overheat and break down. Obviously, you do not want this to happen in your residential A/C, so when you need to have your units professionally serviced, you can always call our technicians.

Why Do Air Conditioners Overheat?

Well, the most obvious and simplest answer to that is, “because it’s burning hot outside!” However, during mild conditions, air conditioning units overheat due to lack of maintenance. If your A/C unit is not well-taken care of, the heat will add up to the stress in its operation which will eventually lead to longer operating hours. Overheating can happen in any of the different areas of your HVAC system, but most especially in the following parts and conditions:

  • Clogged Air Intake

The most common of all are dirty air filters and blocked vents. Air conditioning units need proper air flow in carrying out a large amount of work. The accumulation of particles in the air filters and closing of some vents choke off air flow, giving additional stress to the blower motor and cause overheating. An overworked blower motor can also cause overloading circuits and eventually motor burnout. To avoid this scenario in your home, make certain that you replace and clean air filters every month through the hot season and make sure that not a single thing is blocking the room vents.

  • Loss of Lubrication on the Motors

Under the intense stress of the summer workload, the lubrication in the motors may be lost causing the motors and the fan to wear down and eventually overheat. This is why spring maintenance service is very important, especially in the motor parts of your air conditioning units. Loss of lubrication can also lead to burn out motors, and if this happens, you will need to replace your entire condenser unit.

  • Old A/C System

No amount of maintenance and repair can grant the immortality of your air conditioning units. When it finally reached its retirement age, the motors, capacitors and other components will eventually fail. Rather than facing the summer with an unreliable A/C unit, take the expert advice and have a new A/C installed in your home.

Do you suspect overheating in your residential air conditioning unit? Give us a call at North Texas Heating and Air and we will give the right solutions at the right price!