Why Installing A Humidifier This Cold Season Is A Good Choice?

Why Installing A Humidifier This Cold Season Is A Good Choice?

Aside from the freezing temperature, another thing that you should pay attention to in the cold months is the extremely low humidity. While your heating system can handle the cold spell, it cannot defeat dry indoor air, probably not without a humidifier operating along with it. Are you aware of the magic that this device does to your indoor humidity? Read on and find out!

  • Helps you feel warmer

Humidifiers prevent dryness by adding moisture to the air. Aside from keeping humidity at the proper level, the moisture also makes you feel warmer, so you do not have to set the thermostat too low. Instead, you can shift it a degree lower and save on your heating bill.

  • Relieves allergy symptoms

For those who are extra sensitive to allergies, asthma, and other respiratory illnesses, a humidifier will surely help you enjoy the cold season free from all these discomforts. By increasing moisture in the air, humidifiers reduce the chances of throat irritations and sensitivities in the nasal passages.

  • Prevents damage to wooden components

Too dry indoor air can cause your wooden equipment to loosen joints and to crack. There are also times that equipment loses their shapes and begin to wobble due to low humidity. Installing a humidifier can help retain the appearance of your wooden furniture and keep them in the best shape in the long cold months.

  • Helps avoid snoring

If you breathe through your mouth while you sleep, you are most likely to snore. This is because the dryness settles in your throat. Humidifiers help keep your nasal passages and throat stay moist, thus giving you a good night sleep while preventing snoring.

  • Prevents the spread of airborne viruses

A dry indoor atmosphere is a haven for bacteria, viruses, and airborne microorganisms. That’s why the cold season is also considered as the flu season since diseases are easily spread this time of the year. With humidifiers, however, you are preventing the growth and movement of these microorganisms in the air. The moisture makes it difficult for them to float, thus rendering them ineffective.

  • Reduced static electricity

Static electricity is not something you would want to experience in the cold months. Aside from the discomfort it brings, static electricity can also damage your electrical appliances. Fortunately, you can reduce its occurrence by keeping the right level of humidity inside your home.

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