What’s on Your Fall Season HVAC To-Do List?

The temperature in North Texas is getting cooler, and air conditioning units are already running in fewer cycles. Sooner or later, you will be shifting your thermostat setting to HEAT and fire up your furnace unit.

The question is, have you had your HVAC maintenance yet? The moderate temperature of fall makes it the best time to have a routine system inspection and tune-up. Here are the things that you need to include in your to-do list:

  1. Check Around Your Outdoor Equipment

One serious HVAC efficiency killer is a clogged outdoor unit. Be sure to remove leaves and twigs around your unit and schedule a professional system cleaning to keep particles and other elements out of your system.

  1. Fix Your Insulation

Aside from keeping your heating unit in its best shape, you can also help maintain its efficiency by keeping proper home insulation. Fall is the best time to find those leakages and seal them. You can make use of caulk and weather stripping to fix the drips. Without leaks, it will be easier for your unit to heat your home, which also means greater savings and comfort on your part.

  1. Safety on CO and Smoke Detectors

When was the last time you changed the batteries of your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors? When you talk about safety in the cold months, these are the first things that you need to secure. Fall is the best time to test your alarms and change batteries or provide repairs if needed.

  1. Take Advantage of Special Financing or Cash Back

If you have an old and unreliable heating system that you want to replace, purchasing in the fall is a smart choice. Take advantage of the financing options and cash back incentives that your company offers for unit replacement. With these, new HVAC installation might not cost as much as you think it does.

  1. Schedule Your Annual HVAC Maintenance Service

Before you start to run your heating systems continuously, it is important to ensure that every single part of the equipment is in the best condition. This is guaranteed in a professional HVAC maintenance service, which includes the following checks and inspections:

  • Checking the individual components of the system and their functionalities
  • Inspecting flue pipes and draft inverter
  • Testing heat rise and blower capacitor
  • Checking pilot lights and hot surface igniter
  • Inspecting ductwork and filters

What are you waiting for? Don’t let the cold season catch you off guard. Set an appointment with our experts at North Texas Heating and Air Conditioning and we will help you prepare your home for the changing season. Call us now!