The Importance of Duct Sealing for Your Home

The Importance of Duct Sealing for Your Home

Duct sealing is a crucial task that many homeowners forget when upgrading their homes. In fact, they wouldn’t think much of it until they start noticing a tremendous hike in their energy bill. Indoor air quality, savings, and comfort are greatly compromised with duct leaks.

As a reputable HVAC company in Denton, TX, we recommend professional duct sealing as part of your home maintenance and upgrade. Here’s just how a well-designed and properly sealed duct becomes beneficial to you:

  1. Comfort

Do you experience hot and cold spots in your home? This is the usual effect of a poorly sealed duct. You will be spending more time inside in the winter, and the uneven temperature isn’t something you would want to experience this time of the year. Be sure that your duct system is well-insulated and sealed to enjoy a comfortable cold season with your family and friends.

  1. Indoor Air Quality

The presence of leaks in the duct gives way to fumes, pollutants and other chemicals to enter the system and join the airflow. As a result, there is a greater chance of health-related issues like allergies, asthma, and respiratory illnesses. Sealing the ducts can improve indoor air quality by preventing contaminants from circulating in your home.

  1. Safety

Some appliances are emitting carbon monoxide and other harmful gases in their operation. A leaky duct can cause ‘backdrafting’ where these harmful by-products are drawn back to your home. Sealing the ducts will prevent this circumstance from causing trouble to your health.

  1. Save Money

Leaky duct system can cause your heating and cooling system to work inefficiently. It allows a portion of the conditioned or heated air that your unit produces to leak out and never reach your home. As a result, your unit needs to work harder to meet the temperature set on the thermostat. Sealing your home properly can boost the efficiency of your system and reduce your energy bill big time.

  1. Protect the Environment

The operation of your heating systems has a drastic effect on the environment as it contributes to acid rain and climate change. If the ducts are sealed and the HVAC system no longer needs to operate for a long time, you are reducing air pollution in the air, thus saving the environment in your simple way.

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