Surprising Energy-Saving Ideas from Experts This Winter


The holiday isn’t as joyous as it sounds if you’re worried about something. Like most homeowners in Denton, TX, it’s always a worry for utility bills to drastically increase as soon as the cold weather kicks in.

To help whittle down your utility bill this season, here are surprising energy-saving ideas from our home experts:

Open Curtains During the Day

Most homes in the U.S. are built with an architectural advantage, like the proportional number of windows that allow natural heating and ventilation. By opening window curtains, you allow the sun’s energy to warm your home naturally. Therefore, lowering the need to use your heaters and heating system.

Use LED Lights for Decorations

Since it’s time for festivities, decorative lights are in for the season. If you want to keep your house looking good without going beyond your budget, then LED lights are the right choice. They are far better than the traditional incandescent bulbs because they are sturdy and durable, suitable for decorating, use less energy, and don’t emit UV lights.

Avoid Blocking Heating Vents

With lots of planning for the holidays, homeowners often ignore their vents. So before the guests arrive, make sure to check all the vents. Remove anything that blocks the airflow and prevents your ventilation system from doing its job.

Unplug Devices

According to the Natural Resources Defense Council, the cost of unused plugged-in devices is about $165 per household or $19 billion across the U.S. If you want to save on your utility bills, start by properly unplugging electronic devices. Get rid of the habit of keeping devices on standby mode until the next time you use it. Shut it down entirely or switch it to power-saving mode.

Get Your Blankets Ready for the Cold

Another great idea to handle the cold while preventing an increase in your bill is with the use of blankets. Pull out your blankets and distribute them on your sofas, chairs, and bedrooms. With a blanket handy, you’ll be enjoying more hugs with your loved ones as you cuddle up.

While there are modern ways to save energy, these easy ideas above are something you should never ignore. Stay warm and cozy this winter in Denton, TX!

From our team at North Texas Heating & Air Conditioning, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!