Start The Year Right: Service Agreements — The Smart Choice


Just like your car, your heating and cooling system may break down at any time. HVAC emergencies often leave homeowners with poor comfort and an empty pocket. Luckily for homeowners in Denton Texas and nearby areas, you can prepare for this unexpected scenario by enrolling in our service agreements.

What is a Service Agreement?

Every homeowner wants to make sure their HVAC system keeps them cool in the summer and warm in the winter. A service agreement ensures that outcome.

Signing up for it gives you benefits, such as priority scheduling for inspections and services, favorable pricing, discounts on new equipment, and less likelihood of any future system issues.

Why is it The Smart Choice?

Regular inspection and maintenance are important to keep your system running at optimum performance. When you signup for a service agreement, you’re making a wise decision.

Our team will monitor your HVAC systems by scheduling a tune-up service twice a year. This way, we can detect issues like refrigerant leaks, loose or burnt wires, and other problems that can cause danger in operation. This is a great way to boost your savings as well.

When to Get It?

As experts in the home’s comfort and in the HVAC industry, we can say that January is an excellent time to find and sign a new service agreement plan or offer. Although you can get it at any time of the year, starting the year with a service agreement can provide great savings ahead of you.

Where to Get It?

Similar to your car or any other home appliances, when you invest in a heating or cooling unit, you want to make sure it’s working efficiently, and that you’re getting value for the money you paid. Get a service agreement only from a certified and reliable HVAC company like us.

Contact us at North Texas Heating & Air Conditioning for more details about what we offer in our service agreement. We have just the right program that fits your needs.