Save Money- Seal your HVAC Ducts!

Save Money-Seal Your HVAC Ducts!

With winter taking its reign and energy bills continuously rising, there’s no surprise that many homeowners in Denton, TX and surrounding areas are seeking advice from our experts on how to save on their energy consumption.

We have discussed the most common energy-saving tactics in the previous blogs. Now, let’s talk about the least considered HVAC component in your home – the duct system.

How Duct Leaks Cause You Money?

Check out these instances and learn how poor duct sealing can increase your expenses!

  • Poor Indoor Air Quality

There’s no doubt about you spending more time inside your home in the winter, and this makes healthy indoor air quality a necessity for the season. With all those leaks and holes lurking in the ductwork, your home is susceptible to indoor contaminants and harmful microorganisms. Seal the ducts and have a comfortable winter without the risks of asthma, allergies and other health concerns.

  • Reduced Comfort

Ever wonder why you experience hot and cold spots in your home? When ducts are filled with leaks, much of the air that passes through never reaches your rooms. As a result, you get temperature imbalance or hot and cold spots in some areas of your house. Besides the uncomfortable feeling these leaks give, they also cause a lot of stress in your budget.

  • Gas Safety

Your heating and cooling system and the appliances inside your home produce harmful gases during their operation. In a typical household, these gases are vented out properly from your home. With leaky ducts, however, the vented gas is drawn back to your home and polluted the air. Gases like carbon monoxide and radon can bring great health issues for you and your family.

  • Inefficient HVAC Performance

Your heating system consumes a great amount of energy which can double or triple with the presence of leaks in the ducts. Because there’s an insufficient amount of air reaching your home, your unit needs to work harder and longer to meet the temperature set in the thermostat.

  • Shortened System Lifespan

With all the extra pressure in your HVAC system due to leaky ductwork, do not expect your unit to live beyond its lifespan. Or worse, you may be faced with emergency repairs and replacement long before its expected period.

Do not let any of these happen in your home. Set an appointment with our experts at North Texas Heating & Air Conditioning for professional duct sealing service and save more with a comfortable winter season.