Money-Saving Maintenance Tips for Heat Exchangers

Money-Saving Maintenance Tips for Heat Exchangers

Heat exchangers come in different designs and applications but one thing is for sure, they all need a regular dose of maintenance service to keep them running in full performance. Check out these money-saving maintenance tips that you can give to your heat exchangers:

  • Schedule Regular Service and Checks

The best money-saving maintenance tip for heat exchangers is a maintenance service done when it is supposed to be done. Unluckily, this is most of the time neglected by homeowners due to their busy schedules and budget issues. Little do they know that ignoring regular checks will cost them more in the form of decreased efficiency and impulsive breakdown.

  • Perform Tests Periodically

Just like the need for your car’s breaks to be tested regularly, you also need to take time to test the heat exchanger’s operation. You may include checking for dirt and dust build up, leaks and cracks check and fouling assessment. If you notice the presence of any of these, you need to provide solutions right away.

  • Keep it Clean

Due to the extensive tasks that heat exchangers do, they tend to collect dirt and dust over time. If ignored, these particles can build up in the heat exchanger and cause fouling and failure in the component’s operation. Unluckily, there is no ‘one size fits all’ in cleaning heat exchangers. The cleaning method you choose should depend on the materials your unit is made of. You can opt for:

Cleaning without chemicals – Hydrocleaning is among the most environmentally friendly and effective cleaning method that does not require chemicals. It only requires ultra-high pressure of water to eliminate deposits and scales.

Cleaning in situ – In situ cleaning means cleaning the heat exchanger without the need to disassemble or remove it in its position. This cleaning technique is ideal for industrial settings and is done by a robot.

  • Keep Documentation

When your heat exchanger is serviced, you should be provided with documentation on the jobs and services performed. This will help you save your warranty and keep track of what was done and what needs to be done in the future.

  • Work with a Reputable Company

Finding an honest and reliable company to work on your heat exchanger is crucial to save some cash and keep your unit in tip-top shape all year round. A company that is experienced in handling heat exchangers knows how to replace and recondition the unit correctly, service the device professionally and is aware of the proper use of chemicals. You can truly get great savings and peace of mind knowing that your unit is in good hands.

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