Mold in A/C: What You Need to Know

Mold in A/C: What You Need to Know

Have you noticed some black spots on the top side of your AC’s air filter? These spots are most probably mold! Successfully removing mold depends on where it grows. Here are important things you need to know about mold infestation in your air conditioner.

Where Do Mold Grow?

According to, mold is everywhere! It means both indoors and outdoors, in the carpet, curtains, and on furniture like sofa and chairs. Also, mold can enter through windows, vents, and unfortunately, in your A/C.

Mold spores thrive in places where high humidity is present. Leaky roofs, kitchen, and bathrooms are usually the breeding grounds. A thorough cleaning can help prevent mold buildup.

Mold in Your A/C

Is your A/C blowing warm and musty air? This signals clogged air filters caused by mold, dirt, and other airborne pollutants. These tiny particles can cause irritation and inflammation to the lungs. It can trigger allergic reactions and it can be life-threatening. This is why experts advise to clean or change air filters every three months.

Other causes of mold buildup in your system are refrigerant leaks, frozen coils, and dirty condenser. Call the pros to check your system thoroughly and fix it immediately. This smart move will keep your unit works efficiently, save you more money, and prevent any serious health problems.

Prevention Tips

Here are some easy ways to prevent mold infestation:

  • Keep your house clean by vacuuming the carpet, sofa, beddings and washing the curtains regularly.
  • Use a dehumidifier and air conditioner to control humidity levels.
  • Fix any broken pipes, leaky roofs, walls and ceilings.
  • Get your air conditioning serviced by the pros to check the duct work, condenser, insulation and other core components of your system.
  • Clean and dry the floors, kitchen, and bathrooms thoroughly after flooding.
  • Ventilate shower rooms, laundry, and cooking areas.
  • Check your refrigerator to ensure there are no leaks and the drip pans are clean.
  • Avoid leaving any wet clothes or rugs anywhere in your home.
  • Make sure to check and clean the gutters regularly.

Mold problems? Call North Texas Heating & Air, Inc. today! Our team of comfort specialists will ensure that your A/C is safe and mold-free. Contact us today!