Is Your Thermostat Acting Weird? Find Out Why!

Is Your Thermostat Acting Weird? Find Out Why!

Have you ever experienced an HVAC emergency and you called your technician only to find out that there is nothing wrong with your system? You probably filled your mind with how’s and why’s of this issue just like most of the homeowners in North Texas. Actually, when all things inside your system are proven in good condition, but you still feel some comfort problems, the culprit probably hides in the thermostat.

The device that controls the functions of your HVAC system is the thermostat. And here are some expert explanations why it becomes a foe to your comfort.

  • Drained Batteries

You know that batteries do not last forever. And since most residential thermostats are battery operated, this can be one of the reasons why problems occur. Once the batteries have run out, the thermostat will not be able to function properly or function at all. Don’t worry; if the problem only lies in a drained battery, the solution is just as easy as a replacement. 

  • Loose and Worn-Out Connections

When was the last time you checked the electrical wirings inside and out of your thermostat? This is an important maintenance check that you should not forget. Faulty connections hinder the proper flow of power which leads to the interrupted performance of your thermostat. If you have issues with loose and worn-out wires, do not try to fix them yourself. Call a professional for help immediately.

  • Dirty Thermostat

Dust and dirt are small particles that can reach even the innermost parts of your thermostat. And if there is an excess accumulation of these particles inside, there is a great possibility that you will be dealing with a malfunctioning device. Be sure to schedule a regular cleaning activity inside and out of your thermostat.

  • Improper Installation

Are you confident that you installed your thermostat in the right place? The location of this device plays an important role in its proper operation. Be sure not to mount it in areas near the window or doorway, near heat-generating devices or in places directly hit by sunlight. The temperature in these areas of your home can greatly affect the function of the thermostat. It may be able to send a signal like your home needs a temperature adjustment since it’s too hot or too cold when it’s not.

Thermostat issues are just another comfort problem that our professionals at North Texas Heating and Air Conditioning can fix. Give us a call, and we will diagnose and fix the issue fast and right.