Is Your HVAC System Ready for 2020?


The season for change and new beginnings is here! Make a fresh start this New Year by giving your unit the attention it deserves. So before the countdown for 2020 begins, get your system ready for year-round comfort!

Here’s how you can ensure a 100% ready HVAC system for the new year:


During the holidays, dust and debris might’ve get in your unit, which can affect its performance. Anyone can do exterior cleaning, but leave the interior cleaning to the professionals to avoid unnecessary costly repairs. Your HVAC equipment is a sensitive system that requires the right skills, experience, and tools for any form of cleaning service.


Like other machines, heating and cooling system needs regular evaluation. A professional HVAC inspection exposes existing and potential issues in the system before they get worse. It’s an assessment of the whole system that includes some minor repairs and proper comfort solutions recommended by your HVAC contractor.

Adjustment & Repairs

If you’re too busy with preparing for the holidays, you might not notice what’s happening with your comfort system. Avoid taking chances for an incident like a breakdown or a major system failure to occur. HVAC issues can happen anytime; there might already be a loose connection, leaks, holes, and tears that can jeopardize your home’s comfort. Schedule a visit from a professional today for necessary system adjustments or repairs.


The new year calls for some upgrades! You may start by purchasing a smart thermostat to start the year right. Compared to traditional thermostats; a smart thermostat offers better control over your indoor temperature—not to mention the convenience of scheduling the temperature.

If you’re all set for the New Year— your HVAC must be too, Contact North Texas Heating & Air Conditioning and have your unit checked to ensure a long and fantastic year of happiness and comfort. Give us a call at 940-349-9212 or email us at