Is Something Wrong with My Heat Pump?

Is Something Wrong with My Heat Pump?

There is no doubt about a heat pump’s efficiency in terms of heating and cooling the residential properties in Denton, TX. This has been very important especially when you experience extremely high or low temperatures. However, just like any other home appliances, the unit also comes with a few quirks.

Here are the common concerns that both new and experienced homeowners might encounter in their heat pump’s operation.

  • My Heat Pump Smells Bad

If you are a seasoned homeowner who uses heat pumps for the cold months, you are probably getting used to the bad smell when you run your unit for the first time. Have you found out what causes it?

Dust and dirt might pile up in your system during the long months if not being used. When you fire up the furnace, these particles are burned and later produce a bad smell. The odor will last for 30-45 minutes. Then your heat pump will function in a normal condition, without a bad smell. However, if you experience the same scenario in the middle of your unit’s operation in the cold months, you should know that you are dealing with a serious issue in your system. This probably needs a professional diagnosis.

  • Smoke is Coming Out of My Unit

Have you noticed steam coming out of your outdoor unit? Do not worry; your unit is just defrosting when it senses that the coil is icing up and reducing its efficiency. You will also notice that the fan has stopped running and strange noises are present in the operation. These are normal cases when your unit defrosts itself. It only happens when needed and lasts for a few minutes, so if you experience constant defrosting, we recommend you call an HVAC expert for it can be a sign of a bigger issue.

  • Cold Air Is Coming From My Vents

Do you feel like your heat pump is blowing cold air into your home? As compared to the 130-140 degree air produced by a traditional gas or oil furnace, heat pumps produce about 92-degree air only. Since it is slightly below your normal body temperature, you might feel that your heat pump is not effectively cooling your home. That is why many homeowners would purchase a supplemental backup heat for their homes.

What Should You Do If You Have A Problem With Your Heat Pump?

We recommend you do what every homeowner in Denton, TX does whenever issues arise with their HVAC system – set up an appointment with the experts at North Texas Heating and Cooling. We do professional diagnosis and repair at reasonable costs. Call us!