How To Deal With Uneven Cooling in Your Denton Texas Home?

How To Deal With Uneven Cooling in Your Denton Texas Home?

Do you notice an uneven temperature from one end of your home to the other? Don’t worry.  It’s a common concern in summer, and we know exactly how to deal with it. But before calling a professional help, there are some things that you can check first which aids in the fast diagnosis and repair of the experts.

More often than not, uneven cooling is caused by any of the small issues listed below:

  • Blocked Room Vents

It is probably the simplest diagnosis that you can do yourself. Walk into the house and see if the room vents are obstructed. If they are, be sure to remove the furniture that is blocking the vents to allow the circulation of cool air in the room.

  • Clogged Air Filter

Even the most efficient filter fails to do its purpose once clogged by dirt and dust. Air filter cleaning and replacement are probably one of the most neglected maintenance tasks by many homeowners in Denton, TX, and it can cause the dramatic difference between rooms of the same temperature level. We recommend you replace or clean your air filters every 1-3 months.

  • Presence of Duct Leaks

Duct leaks are a serious threat to your comfort and budget. Leaks allow the conditioned air to escape which then leads to uneven cooling in the areas of your home. It may sound like an easy task, but sealing duct leaks is not some DIY job. You need professional help to find and seal the leaks completely and correctly.

  • Old Air Conditioning Unit

An over-the-hill air conditioning unit can no longer deliver the right comfort in your home. So if your unit has been serving you for more than 15 years already, it is probably time to find a replacement. Be sure to consult an expert before choosing a system because if you purchase the wrong unit for your home, your investment will sure go to waste.

  • Poor Insulation

Is your home helping out in keeping a comfortable atmosphere inside? Or maybe it’s the one that causes cool air to escape which result in uneven cooling? Yes, we are talking about your home’s insulation! Inadequate insulation, especially in the attic, will make a big difference in the distribution of cooled air in the different parts of your home, that is why it needs great attention.

Uneven cooling should not be a problem in your home. Call us at North Texas Heating and Air Conditioning, and we will send our qualified experts to deal with your concern.