5 Types of Smells You Can Get Rid of With an Air Purifier

5 Types of Smells You Can Get Rid Of With an Air Purifier

We all have an impression that when a home smells bad, it is not clean. This is why we fill our space with heated oils, scented candles, and other aromatic products. While they can cover up the bad smell, they cannot fix what is causing the issue, nor make your home a safe place to stay.

If you want a long term solution to home odor issues, we recommend you install an air purifier. Here are the five types of smell that it removes from your home:


The smell of smoke, whether from a cigarette or camp-out, is very hard to eliminate because it permeates your furniture, curtains, and carpets. Good thing, an air purifier can help you get rid of this problem. You can choose from an electronic air purifier, ionizer, or mechanical high-efficiency particulates filter. Each has their unique function, but their intended purpose is the same; to remove bad odors and pollutants in your home.

Pet Odor

Pets unavoidably stink no matter how frequent you bath them. The furry family members including cats and dogs are in nature smelly and fill the home with dander and unpleasant odor. Not only that it can trigger allergic reactions, but it also brings great embarrassment if you want your friend or neighbors to come over your home. An efficient purifier can remove dander, hair, and odor all at the same time, so your home is safe and comfortable to stay.

Food Smells

Cooking fish can make your home stinky for days, but an air purifier can definitely help. Aside from eliminating the scent from your leftover fish dinner, it also removes other food odors, especially those delicious yet strong smelling spices. If you find your home having a bad smell, turn on your trusty air purifier to high speed and quickly give your home a fresh breath.


Have you forgotten to take the garbage out? You are probably dealing with great odor in your home right now. Instead of covering up the smell with air freshening spray, why not use an air purifier to remove even the particles that have escaped in the air that are causing a bad smell.  You will notice a big improvement in your home’s smell; we are sure of that!

Baby Diapers

There’s nothing that can make your home smell stinky than an old-used diaper. Good thing, when you invest in an efficient air purifier, you can improve the odor in your baby’s room and even your entire home. It will also make the air fresher and healthier for you and your little ones.

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