5 Reasons to Clean Air Ducts After the Summer

5 Reasons to Clean Air Ducts After the Summer

The hot summer days are here, and people tend to be busy with their outdoor adventures. Unfortunately, we tend to overlook our air ducts that we often notice them only when problems arise.  This is where the importance of duct cleaning steps in. Not familiar with the benefits of a summer duct cleaning?  We’ll show you some of them.

Improved Efficiency

Now that the summer has arrived, our air conditioning units need to work harder just to keep us cool and comfortable. If you want to get the most out of your A/C systems, then you need to keep it free from dust, dirt, and debris that have accumulated in your air ducts through the winter season. Contact your local HVAC pro for an effective air duct cleaning service.

Extended Life

Dirt, dust and other pollutants can easily clog your air ducts, putting an extra load for your cooling system to operate. When it consistently happens, your A/C unit will quickly reach its wear and tear, which means early failure and more costly repairs. One smart way to extend the life of your air conditioner is duct cleaning. Make sure to hire a licensed HVAC specialist to get the job done correctly and professionally.

Better IAQ

When your air ducts are filled with mold, dirt, and other junks, your system is forced to work harder, causing your energy costs to snowball. It also affects the quality of air circulating in your home, putting your comfort and health in jeopardy. To prevent this unwanted situation, schedule a regular air duct cleaning with your trusted HVAC techs, and invest in air purifiers to improve your IAQ.

Mold Build-Up

Mold thrives where high humidity is present, and summer is just the perfect time where moisture level increases. Worry no more because our expert team can take care of it for you. We’ll make sure that your home is mold-free and other allergens are completely removed so you can rest easy this hot season.

Home Cleanliness

Keeping your home cleaned may sound a big work for you. But when your air ducts are clogged with harmful particles and animal deposits, cleaning your home becomes a bigger chore. The floors, carpets and your furniture can easily become dirty when your air ducts are not regularly cleaned out.

There you go—the benefits of a professional air duct cleaning. If you want to enjoy the perks mentioned above, just give us a quick call at North Texas Heating & Air, Inc.