Spring tune-up sounds easier than it truly is. Do you want to know what an expert contractor does to your HVAC system during a professional spring maintenance service? Check out these important tasks that go along with spring air conditioning service in Denton, TX. Thermostat Testing and Adjustment The thermostat is the brain of your

We all have an impression that when a home smells bad, it is not clean. This is why we fill our space with heated oils, scented candles, and other aromatic products. While they can cover up the bad smell, they cannot fix what is causing the issue, nor make your home a safe place to

Heat exchangers come in different designs and applications but one thing is for sure, they all need a regular dose of maintenance service to keep them running in full performance. Check out these money-saving maintenance tips that you can give to your heat exchangers: Schedule Regular Service and Checks The best money-saving maintenance tip for

Whether you are managing a grocery store or a restaurant, you need a properly operating refrigeration unit to keep your business running. With its crucial components and complex mechanisms, a refrigeration unit is not something an average Joe can work with, not without proper training and skills. To prevent your unit from spoiling your merchandises

The heat exchanger is considered the most critical component of your heating system. Without proper maintenance, the heat exchanger may fail which results in the need for an expensive replacement. Do you know the typical problems associated with heat exchangers? Read on and find out! Cracking Gas burning heating systems have a metal exchanger, and

With winter taking its reign and energy bills continuously rising, there’s no surprise that many homeowners in Denton, TX and surrounding areas are seeking advice from our experts on how to save on their energy consumption. We have discussed the most common energy-saving tactics in the previous blogs. Now, let’s talk about the least considered

Duct sealing is a crucial task that many homeowners forget when upgrading their homes. In fact, they wouldn’t think much of it until they start noticing a tremendous hike in their energy bill. Indoor air quality, savings, and comfort are greatly compromised with duct leaks. As a reputable HVAC company in Denton, TX, we recommend

Are you worried that your energy bill might reach the roof due to your consistent use of the heating system? What if we tell you that you can cut down your energy cost this cold season by upgrading the controls of your system? That’s right! Shifting to a smart thermostat has a lot of great

Aside from the freezing temperature, another thing that you should pay attention to in the cold months is the extremely low humidity. While your heating system can handle the cold spell, it cannot defeat dry indoor air, probably not without a humidifier operating along with it. Are you aware of the magic that this device

Do you know that a humidifier can do wonders in your health and comfort during the long cold months?  If you still have doubts, read on and find out how it helps in keeping your home convenient and safe for you to stay. Prevents the Spread of Airborne Viruses Many health-related issues may become pronounced