We want to inform you that we remain open to serve your comfort needs despite the COVID-19 pandemic. During the outbreak, our North Texas team will strictly observe preventive measures for the safety of our staff and customers. During this difficult predicament, we want to share how we address the current situation. We have been

We understand that scheduling HVAC maintenance is probably not included in the things that you love to do. After all, it worked fine last season. With a small investment, you can breathe cleaner air, and enjoy comfort and save money? That’s what an HVAC maintenance can do! Let’s take a close look and see why

Although Valentine’s Day is not renowned as an official holiday, everyone enjoys celebrating such a momentous event. It is the perfect opportunity to show appreciation for how much you care and cherish the most important people in your life. Just like how you go the extra mile for the ones you love, your HVAC system

Just like your car, your heating and cooling system may break down at any time. HVAC emergencies often leave homeowners with poor comfort and an empty pocket. Luckily for homeowners in Denton Texas and nearby areas, you can prepare for this unexpected scenario by enrolling in our service agreements. What is a Service Agreement? Every

Thinking of getting a new thermostat? Maybe, you’re planning to replace your old one; however, you’re not sure which thermostat to choose among the many choices on the market today. We know how worrisome that can be. To help you out, North Texas Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc., created a guide on how to choose

The season for change and new beginnings is here! Make a fresh start this New Year by giving your unit the attention it deserves. So before the countdown for 2020 begins, get your system ready for year-round comfort! Here’s how you can ensure a 100% ready HVAC system for the new year: Cleaning During the

Aside from the freezing temperature, another thing that you should pay attention to in the cold months is the extremely low humidity. While your heating system can handle the cold spell, it cannot defeat dry indoor air, probably not without a humidifier operating along with it. Are you aware of the magic that this device

The holiday isn’t as joyous as it sounds if you’re worried about something. Like most homeowners in Denton, TX, it’s always a worry for utility bills to drastically increase as soon as the cold weather kicks in. To help whittle down your utility bill this season, here are surprising energy-saving ideas from our home experts:

Like the song says, “Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year”. However, it is also the most stressful season for homeowners, especially when it comes to your finances. That’s why we, at North Texas Heating & Air Conditioning, have prepared a list of  beautiful and budget-friendly decoration ideas for your home: Create a

It’s time for spooky decors, scary costumes, and sweet delights! Indeed, decorating for the Halloween festival can be fun, but it should not compromise your safety and the performance of your HVAC system. Here are some tips to prepare your HVAC for Halloween: Sign Up for an Annual System Maintenance To enjoy trick-or-treating to the