Musty odors, mold spots, and allergic reactions are obvious signs of high humidity in the air. So how can you solve humidity problems? Check out these simple ways to reduce indoor humidity. Replace Your Air Filters Replace your air filters every three months to ensure that good indoor air quality is circulating in your home.

Have you noticed some black spots on the top side of your AC’s air filter? These spots are most probably mold! Successfully removing mold depends on where it grows. Here are important things you need to know about mold infestation in your air conditioner. Where Do Mold Grow? According to, mold is everywhere! It

Incorrect size, improper duct placement, wrong position of thermostat— these are just some of the common A/C installation mistakes made my inexpert HVAC repairmen or a trying-hard DIYer. Don’t fall victim to these mistakes! To guide you, here are six essential factors to consider to get your A/C system installed successfully. Size The size does

Imagine you get home from a long-day work only to find your air conditioning unit not working. It’s a real DISASTER, right? Unfortunately, this is a usual case in many residential properties in Denton, TX when the summer season steps in. And the most common diagnosis- an overheating air conditioning unit! Why does your A/C

Have you experienced it, too? When no matter how you try, the air conditioning unit just won’t cool your home sufficiently? That’s one of the most common A/C problems experienced by homeowners in Denton TX. As your local HVAC company in the area, we can tell you what’s causing this situation and what you can

Spring tune-up sounds easier than it truly is. Do you want to know what an expert contractor does to your HVAC system during a professional spring maintenance service? Check out these important tasks that go along with spring air conditioning service in Denton, TX. Thermostat Testing and Adjustment The thermostat is the brain of your

We all have an impression that when a home smells bad, it is not clean. This is why we fill our space with heated oils, scented candles, and other aromatic products. While they can cover up the bad smell, they cannot fix what is causing the issue, nor make your home a safe place to

Heat exchangers come in different designs and applications but one thing is for sure, they all need a regular dose of maintenance service to keep them running in full performance. Check out these money-saving maintenance tips that you can give to your heat exchangers: Schedule Regular Service and Checks The best money-saving maintenance tip for

Whether you are managing a grocery store or a restaurant, you need a properly operating refrigeration unit to keep your business running. With its crucial components and complex mechanisms, a refrigeration unit is not something an average Joe can work with, not without proper training and skills. To prevent your unit from spoiling your merchandises

The heat exchanger is considered the most critical component of your heating system. Without proper maintenance, the heat exchanger may fail which results in the need for an expensive replacement. Do you know the typical problems associated with heat exchangers? Read on and find out! Cracking Gas burning heating systems have a metal exchanger, and