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Is there an exact thermostat setting that suits best in the cold season? Actually, there’s none. Comfort demands vary from one person to another based on their lifestyle and preferences. But when homeowners in Denton, TX ask us about how to save energy in the fall and winter, we have just the right thermostat setting

Professional maintenance service is crucial in the proper operation of your heating and cooling system. North Texas Heating & Air, Inc. offers a complete system check that can boost the efficiency of your HVAC while giving you greater comfort and saving throughout the year. Take advantage of our HVAC maintenance program to enjoy peace of

While it is true that your heating and cooling systems won’t last forever, you can do something to extend their longevity and relieve yourself from the chaos of early system replacement. Do you want to know how? Read on and learn some expert tips to make sure your unit works efficiently for many years. Schedule

While it is true that your commercial HVAC system is sturdy, it doesn’t exclude you from unexpected issues. You can prevent unwanted situations by knowing these top 5 commercial heating and cooling problems. #1 Low Refrigerant Charge Refrigerant is a chemical liquid needed by your HVAC system to perform its cooling job. Leaks are the main

The hot summer days are here, and people tend to be busy with their outdoor adventures. Unfortunately, we tend to overlook our air ducts that we often notice them only when problems arise.  This is where the importance of duct cleaning steps in. Not familiar with the benefits of a summer duct cleaning?  We’ll show

During the hottest summer days and coldest winter nights, your heating and cooling units work hard to provide your comfort needs. It’s pretty much fair to give back what your HVAC system deserves to keep it operating effectively and efficiently all year long. Just like cars, your HVAC system needs regular check-ups, tune-up, and routine

Musty odors, mold spots, and allergic reactions are obvious signs of high humidity in the air. So how can you solve humidity problems? Check out these simple ways to reduce indoor humidity. Replace Your Air Filters Replace your air filters every three months to ensure that good indoor air quality is circulating in your home.

Have you noticed some black spots on the top side of your AC’s air filter? These spots are most probably mold! Successfully removing mold depends on where it grows. Here are important things you need to know about mold infestation in your air conditioner. Where Do Mold Grow? According to, mold is everywhere! It

Incorrect size, improper duct placement, wrong position of thermostat— these are just some of the common A/C installation mistakes made my inexpert HVAC repairmen or a trying-hard DIYer. Don’t fall victim to these mistakes! To guide you, here are six essential factors to consider to get your A/C system installed successfully. Size The size does

Imagine you get home from a long-day work only to find your air conditioning unit not working. It’s a real DISASTER, right? Unfortunately, this is a usual case in many residential properties in Denton, TX when the summer season steps in. And the most common diagnosis- an overheating air conditioning unit! Why does your A/C